CBD in the Workplace
What is CBD oil? What impact does it have on the drug screening process? Here is some insight on CBD oil and how it relates to your background check.
Jan. 21, 2020
Giving Thanks: 2019 Edition
InCheck’s Chief Operations Officer reflects on the company’s last year of growth and accomplishments.
Nov. 26, 2019
InCheck “Bowls for the Kids”
InCheck participates in “Bowling for Kids’ Sake” fundraiser with Big Brothers Big Sisters of metro Milwaukee. Here are some highlights from the event.
May. 17, 2019
Spring Clean Your Hiring Process
Spring cleaning also applies to best hiring practices. Here are three items to consider when cleaning up your company’s hiring process.
Apr. 09, 2019
Onboarding Trends
Are you ulitizing technology in your onboarding process? Here is a list of technology solutions to help make the background check screening process easier.
Mar. 27, 2019
Metrics Matter!
Business metrics are important to the health of an organization. Here are some key reasons why metrics matter!
Mar. 19, 2019
Thank You, Black History Month
InCheck’s CEO, Andy Gallion, reflects on the past year and discusses the company’s diversity and inclusion program.
Feb. 12, 2019
2018: A Year in Review
InCheck’s CEO, Andy Gallion reflects on the company’s accomplishments from 2018 leading into 2019.
Jan. 04, 2019
Giving Thanks: InCheck Gives Thanks to Its Partners!
CEO Andy Gallion reflects on 2018 - sharing his gratitude for the InCheck team, clients, partners, and more.
Nov. 21, 2018
CBD Oil and Drug Testing 2.0
With CBD oil gaining popularity, you might be wondering what impact it may have on an employment drug test. Here are some factors to consider.
Nov. 07, 2018
Amendment to the FCRA
Compliance insight on the new amendment details for the FCRA can be found here.
Nov. 01, 2018
Common Background Screening Misconceptions
Background screening compliance can be tricky to navigate. InCheck has a list of common misconceptions and best compliance practices for employers.
Oct. 17, 2018
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