Criminal Background Checks for Employment

Make informed hiring decisions that protect your business, employees, and customers.

What is a Criminal
Background Check?

A criminal background check is one of the most critical parts of comprehensive background screening, providing essential information regarding a candidate’s criminal history. It collects background data based on searches of national, federal, state, and local databases, including felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions. The result is a detailed employee background check from trusted sources, providing reliable information to make confident decisions that protect your company, customers, and employees. And deliver you peace of mind.

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Why are Pre-Employment Background Checks Important?

Hiring the right talent and building trusted teams are critical to your company’s success. But knowing that you’re hiring the right skill fit is only part of the equation. Every candidate brings a business and security risk, and knowing a candidate’s criminal history by conducting an employee background check is a vital safeguard. 

  • Reduce organizational risk

    Limit the likelihood of criminal activity as you grow your workforce

  • Prevent lawsuits

    Protect your company against costly negligent hiring claims or damaging litigation

  • Uncover specific offenses

    Proactively identify criminal activity that is risky or illegal for certain jobs

  • Improve candidate quality

    Choose from a pool of vetted, credible candidates to ensure the best eligibility and fit

  • Shield your reputation

    Safeguard your company’s brand and bottom line from harmful negative publicity

  • Build a loyal workplace community

    Foster a culture of trust that reassures employees and customers of workplace safety

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Customize a Criminal
Background Check

No two candidates are alike, and no two companies are alike either. That’s why we work with you to tailor an employee background check solution for your specific requirements. InCheck offers a robust suite of investigative searches to complement your company’s comprehensive background screening process.

We pride ourselves on our personal touch, working with you to design the most complete and accurate criminal background check solution that’s right for your organization. Your customized package may include some or all of the following services:

National Criminal Database Search

Identify thousands of criminal jurisdictions for state and local crimes where a candidate may have a criminal record. A primary court source will always verify any results.

Statewide Criminal Record Check

Obtain criminal information from state repositories, including state agencies and state highway patrol. Keep in mind that statewide searches may add value but will not consistently include all county records.

County Criminal History Check

Search county courthouse records to provide the most complete and up-to-date documentation of felony and misdemeanor crimes and dispositions.

Federal District Search

Access criminal or civil court records from U.S. district and appellate courts, including charges for drug trafficking, kidnapping, other federal crimes, and cases such as bankruptcy.

National Sex Offender Registry Search

Search multi-state registries for sex offender records, including registration date and current status.

County Civil Records Search

In addition to criminal records, a civil search offers insight into financial or managerial candidates by searching disputes such as contracts, property, and finances.

Why Include Background Checks in the Screening Process?


Average employer cost of a
negligent hiring lawsuit


The annual cost to U.S. businesses
due to employee theft

Source: CNBC

Customize an investigative package that’s right for your business

Experience the InCheck Way

At InCheck, our commitment to bringing you an unrivaled experience is behind everything we do. Our goal is to help you hire confidently, knowing you have the trusted data you need to make the best decisions for your business. As industry leaders in criminal background checks, we combine our trademark human touch with our deep market expertise to create a positive experience for your organization and your candidates.

  • Nationally accredited and PBSA certified

  • 100% U.S.-based operations

  • Responsive, friendly customer service

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