Employment and Education Verification

Employment and Education
Background Checks

Leverage InCheck’s streamlined process to confirm your candidates have the skills, abilities, and experience necessary to perform the job.

Why is Employment and Education Verification Important?

Unfortunately, not all applications and resumes are 100% accurate. Candidates may embellish their experience, and some may outright lie.

Falsified or misrepresented information is an immediate red flag on a candidate’s character. And certain positions require a specific education, degree, or experience profile. That's why verifying employment and education history is essential to your screening process. By ensuring that you are hiring qualified candidates with the work history and schooling necessary to fulfill your job requirements, you set your new hires up for success and reduce the risk of negligent hiring claims that can tarnish your business and reputation.

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Why work with InCheck for Employment and Education Verification?

We facilitate and automate the verification process, coordinating with each primary source of verification, providing additional research, and communicating directly with your candidate to confirm authentic results. 

Our InCheck team partners with you to quickly and accurately deliver the employment and education verification you need to make confident hiring decisions.

  • Confirm candidate qualifications

    Ensure applicants have the education and experience to perform the job

  • Validate required licenses, certifications, and degrees

    Ensure industry-specific requirements are met and reduce liability exposure

  • Identify falsified credentials

    Uncover illegitimate academic degrees and fabricated diplomas

  • Maintain compliance

    Enforce industry requirements, applicable laws, regulations, and company policies

  • Save resources on hiring and onboarding

    Avoid wasting time and money on training and replacing unqualified hires

  • Foster an ethical employee base

    Hire from a pool of honest, trustworthy candidates

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Customize an Employment and Education Verification Program

As part of our comprehensive pre-employment screening solutions, InCheck provides an extensive suite of employment and education verification offerings easily tailored to fit your job requirements. We partner with you to determine and implement verification screening solutions to meet your specific needs.


Education verification

Confirm a candidate’s education, degrees, certifications, and training at colleges, universities, high schools, and vocational schools.

Employment verification

Ensure proof of employment, including a candidate’s work history, dates of employment, job titles, and gaps in employment.

ALSO OFFERING: Professional license verification

Validate credentialing for specialized jobs and industries requiring licensure, including licensing dates, status, and any disciplinary actions.

Why Include Verifications in the Screening Process?

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Cost of replacing
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Identify red flags before hiring

Experience the InCheck Way

Employment and education verification is a critical component of a comprehensive pre-employment screening solution. InCheck delivers deep market knowledge and in-house compliance expertise to understand your business challenges, stay up-to-date with rapidly changing laws, and tailor an employment and education verification process to meet your specific needs. With our focus on centralized, streamlined solutions, we offer a completely customizable single-source solution to help you make informed hiring decisions.

  • Single-source, customizable solutions

  • In-house compliance expertise

  • Comprehensive, nationwide network

  • Centralized candidate communication

  • PBSA accredited

  • 100% U.S.-based operations

Learn more about our process and our service excellence.

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Work with an InCheck consultant to design a background screening program that fits your organization's needs