InCheck’s Commitment to DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND Inclusion

Building a Culture That is Inclusive Enough to be Diverse

What Inclusion Means To Us

Learning. Growing. Leading.

We believe we are best when we bring a variety of ideas and unique experiences to the table. Our commitment to inclusion is highlighted in one of our core values, our collective call to action that inspires change, and an integral part of who we are as an organization. 


At InCheck, we have developed and launched unique programs and company-wide opportunities for our team to learn, grow, provide input, ask questions, and be heard.

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Our Journey

Collaborating. Forging. Implementing.

Originally led by InCheck’s Co-Founder, Andy Gallion, our journey for a focus on inclusion began several years ago and has evolved into fully-integrated, groundbreaking programming that reflects our culture and commitment. Today, these initiatives are driven by our executive leadership team. 

As an organization, we took a pivotal step in 2020 by joining the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By signing on to CEO Action, InCheck pledges to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

With CEO Action as our guide, we developed a robust strategy and implemented numerous company-wide initiatives that catalyze further conversation and affect positive change. Collectively, we identified three high-impact areas and developed numerous initiatives to support fully-integrated, unique programming and inclusion-oriented activities. 

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Talent Acquisition, Development, & Retention

  • Build diversity in recruiting, hiring, and teams
  • Grow development equal opportunities
  • Address fair promotion and pay
  • Create neutral ways to submit concerns
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Engagement & Education

  • Cultivate tools and training to build understanding and take action
  • Deliver training on crucial topics, including unconscious bias and micro-aggressions
  • Utilize surveys to assess culture and communication
Commmunity Involvement icon

Community Involvement & ENGAGEMENT

  • Demonstrate leadership in our industry and community
  • Share learning through best practices, blogs, and boards
  • Foster sponsorships and volunteer opportunities

Our Future

Embracing. Nurturing. Impacting.

We are dedicated to nurturing an environment of equality and inclusion for our employees, clients, and community. We are passionate about making an impact and recognize that there is more work ahead. 

We embrace it.


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Download InCheck's DEI Report

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We are happy to share our experiences as we learn and grow. Our DEI Report captures our journey thus far, including what has brought us to where we are today, our current efforts, and where we hope to be in our future.