Pre-Employment Drug Screening

We facilitate the entire pre-employment drug testing process – enabling a seamless program for HR and a smooth process for your candidates

Why Are Pre-Employment Drug Tests So Important?

Your employees and customers are your most valuable resource, and their health and safety are critically important. Pre-employment drug testing aids in reducing on-the-job accidents, injuries, health issues, costs associated with substance abuse, and potential legal exposure for your organization. InCheck’s drug screening packages are an effective pre- and post-employment risk management tool.

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Why work with InCheck for Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

We oversee every aspect of the drug screening process on your behalf, partnering with an extensive nationwide network of 1000s of clinics, facilitating all communication, and enabling easy self-scheduling for candidates and employees.

The result is a streamlined, professional process, fostering a productive work environment and reducing the risk of accident or injury, now and into the future.

  • Reduce organizational risk

    Limit the likelihood of workplace accidents or injuries

  • Improve productivity

    Lessen employee turnover and absenteeism stemming from substance abuse

  • Proactively identify concerns

    Uncover risky or illegal activity to determine a candidate’s fitness for specific jobs

  • Drive down operational costs

    Lower workers’ compensation rates and healthcare costs from fewer accidents and injuries

  • Maintain compliance

    Enforce industry requirements, applicable laws,  regulations, and company policies

  • Build a loyal workplace community

    Foster a culture of trust that reassures employees and customers of workplace safety

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Customize a Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Drug Testing Program for Your Organization

InCheck offers a robust suite of drug screening services easily tailored to fit both pre-employment and post-employment job requirements. We partner with you to implement the best, most effective drug screening program. Read our blog to learn more about drug testing methods and test options.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Select from 4-,5-,7-,9-, or 10-panel drug test packages to obtain the most comprehensive screening to meet your needs. Our services include rapid, lab, or onsite drug testing.

Random Drug Testing Programs

Utilize a computer-based, randomly-generated list for employee drug testing, including list management, clinic coordination, and onsite or clinic testing.

Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Perform drug testing after an on-the-job accident or when there is evidence to suspect an employee of substance abuse.

DOT and Non-DOT Drug Test Management

Adhere to federally-regulated guidelines to reveal the use of specific substances, including alcohol, opiates, and other drugs.

Why Include Drug Screening?


On-the-job accidents caused
by drug and alcohol abuse

injuries in 2020

Reduce risk and protect your organization

Experience the InCheck Way

Pre-employment screening isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. InCheck delivers the deep market knowledge and in-house compliance expertise to understand your business challenges, stay up-to-date with rapidly changing laws, and tailor a drug testing program to meet your specific needs. With our focus on centralized, streamlined solutions, we offer a completely customizable single-source solution to maintain a safe, productive workplace now and into the future.

  • Single-source, customizable solutions

  • In-house compliance expertise

  • Comprehensive, nationwide clinic network

  • Centralized candidate and clinic facilitation

  • PBSA accredited

  • 100% U.S.-based operations

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Work With An InCheck Consultant to Design a Program that Fits Your Organization's Needs