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Employment Reference Checks

Beyond verification services, reference checks provide additional insight to candidate's past performance.

Why are Reference Checks Important?

Hiring the right talent and building trusted teams is critical to your company’s success. But knowing that you’re hiring the right skill fit is only part of the equation. InCheck's reference check process helps you evaluate an applicant's past job performance based on information collected from supervisors, peers, or team members.

  • Reduce organizational risk

    Ensure the skills described by the candidate match their work experience

  • Ensure a fair process

    Having an external provider drives consistency and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

  • Provides word-for-word commentary

    Documents the feedback shared by a candidate's top referrals

  • Shields your reputation

    Safeguard your company’s brand and bottom line by gaining an external perspective


What might a Reference Check Include?

We’ll use your existing reference format, or you can pick from one of our existing templates of questions. Reference templates can be customized based on position type. InCheck validates the identity of the person we’re talking to, and will supply a word-for-word reference response filled with the detail you are seeking.

What are some common reference check questions?

  • How long have you known the candidate?
  • What is the nature or history of your relationship?
  • How would you describe their strengths?
  • How would you describe their weaknesses?
  • Would you recommend them for a similar position? Why or why not?

Why Include Reference Checks in the Pre-Employment Screening Process?


People lie on
their resumes


Reduce risk and protect your organization

Experience the InCheck Way

At InCheck, our commitment to bringing you an unrivaled experience is behind everything we do. Our goal is to help you hire with confidence, knowing you have the trusted data you need to make the best decisions for your business. As industry leaders in criminal background checks for employment, we combine our trademark human touch with our deep market expertise to create a positive experience for your organization and your candidates.

  • Nationally accredited and PBSA certified

  • 100% U.S.-based operations

  • Experienced account managers

  • Responsive, friendly customer service

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Make informed and confident hiring decisions

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