InCheck took a big step forward as an organization in 2018. Focused efforts to improve our fee schedule, fix outdated package pricing, and streamline client service protocols had a tangible impact on our growth. Evolving our “customized service” mantra to a model of standardized customization has yielded a formula that improves cost, reduces turnaround time, and improves the candidate experience for our clients. We’re excited to build on this approach in 2019.

Speaking of the new year, we’ll be opening a second office location to accommodate our growing team. We literally doubled in size, starting 2018 with 45 employees and ending the year with 91!  It’s been an incredible ride! As you might imagine, that type of growth comes with some growing pains, but I couldn’t be prouder of where we’ve landed. We’ve grown gracefully and cultivated a diverse team that has come to define our culture, which is at an all-time best.

Like any business, we’ve also faced several significant and unexpected challenges, and we’ve met each one head on. We’re using data to become a more sophisticated employer, driving a company-first mentality when navigating difficult conversations.

What else? Well, we launched InCheck social media, implemented a new time and attendance system, embarked on a digital marketing campaign, completed our first company video, and solidified several key partnerships. Along the way, we received a couple of really cool awards to recognize our success, which was awesome.

As we begin the new year, we continue to look inward to align with a goal of continuous improvement. The background screening industry is not only a mile wide, it’s also a mile deep, providing an endless supply of challenges. But with our progress in 2018 and laser focus heading into 2019, we expect nothing short of another incredible year.

Cheers to 2018!  We look forward to continuous growth, improvement, and milestones in 2019!

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