In recent years Cannabidiol (CBD) has become increasingly popular. Its use is seen in goods such as health and beauty products, oils, vapors, and infused edibles. Although CBD is non-intoxicating cannabis durative, users of CBD infused products are concerned that their use will result in a positive drug test.

So, will you pass your drug test if you use CBD-infused products? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is complicated. There are multiple factors that may cause a positive drug test. Therefore, before using CBD products, individuals should consider the following:

Not All CBD Is Created Equal

As mentioned in our previous blog post, CBD is either over-the-counter or medical marijuana grade. Over-the-counter products have only trace amounts of THC, and should not cause a positive drug test result if used as recommended. However, medical marijuana grade oil does contain enough THC per dose to cause a positive drug test for THC. In this instance, even if a consumer purchases CBD that was extracted from a low THC marijuana strain, there is a possibility that there is still enough THC present to result in a positive drug test.

Cross Contamination

CBD could potentially be contaminated by THC containing products either in the manufacturing process or by dispensary staff. Although the chances of this occurring are very small, there is still the potential that cross-contamination could occur.

State Permitted Residual Levels of THC in CBD Products

CBD users should be aware that some of the states that permit the use of medicinal marijuana also permit residual levels of THC in CBD products. Depending on the state, residual THC levels can be as high as 5%. In turn, CBD users should be aware of what their state’s laws are regarding residual THC levels in CBD products and what level of residual THC is in their CBD product.

Ultimately it comes down to this, if a CBD product contains a sufficiently high concentration of THC, it is possible that the product will result in a positive drug test. Many hemps and CBD products, regardless of the legality in your state, are unregulated. Therefore, CBD users should learn about their CBD products prior to use.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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