Our easy-to-use platform integrates with 50+ Applicant Tracking Systems to streamline and simplify your entire hiring process.

Eliminate the need for two separate systems

An ATS integration simplifies paperwork and provides a more complete view of your candidate, not to mention enhance the candidate experience. 

That's why InCheck's platform integrates with a majority of the top ATS systems. And like everything we do, ATS integrations can be customized to your needs. The key is to build an integration that matches your workflow. Some are “pre-built” integrations, whereas others require additional resources from either the ATS, the employer, or a third-party integration partner. In any instance, InCheck and our technology partner will provide project and technical support along the way.

Schedule a meeting with one of our integration experts to learn how your ATS can be used to leverage a single sign-on ordering process. 

integrate background checks with my ats

Powered by TAZ Cloud, our screening platform integrates with dozens of Applicant Tracking Systems including:

The efficiency of InCheck's ordering and tracking platform is unbeatable.

HR Manager, National Non-Profit Organization

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