Occupational Health Screening

Centralize and simplify your screening process by adding occupational health services to your InCheck background screening program

Why is Pre-Employment Occupational Health Screening Important?

Ensuring a healthy and safe workforce is more than a goal; it’s essential for your company’s productivity and overall wellness. Occupational health screening determines if a candidate is physically capable of performing necessary job duties. This process aids in preventing work-related injuries and illness, minimizing your company’s risk and liability, and maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. 


Why work with InCheck for Occupational Health Screening?

We coordinate an end-to-end occupational health screening program, working with you to streamline your process, understand your protocols, learn position-specific requirements, and set up a customized program. 

Our InCheck team facilitates all candidate communication and partners with a nationwide network of 1000s of clinics for optimized scheduling, empowering you with the health information you need to make the right hiring and staffing decisions for your organization. Our paperless process enables easy clinic orders and scheduling, as well as fast reporting. 

  • Ensure a healthy and safe workforce

    Check for potential health risks affecting the employee and others

  • Improve productivity

    Hire from a pool of candidates fit to meet job requirements

  • Lower overall healthcare costs

    Support healthy behaviors that reduce illness and injury

  • Maintain compliance

    Enforce industry requirements, applicable laws, regulations, and company policies

  • Save resources on hiring and onboarding

    Avoid wasting time and money on training and replacing unqualified hires

  • Cultivate a culture of health and wellness

    Promote workforce well-being even before a candidate is hired


Customize Your Occupational
Health Screening Program

As part of our comprehensive pre-employment screening solutions, InCheck provides an extensive suite of occupational health screening and tests that are easily tailored to fit your job requirements. We partner with you to identify health screening solutions to meet your specific needs. Just a few of the common occ health assessments include:

Company-specific physicals

Evaluate a person’s overall health and determine if a candidate can carry out the physical requirements of the job. Customize a package for your organization.

Executive physicals

Identify health risks for key employees with an in-depth health evaluation, including proactive testing for medical issues before symptoms occur.

Lift assessments

Screen candidates for their ability to meet the physical demands of a job, including safely lifting a minimum of 50 lbs based on OSHA guidelines.

Titers and vaccinations

Assess candidate immunity by performing and/or confirming titer and vaccine testing for several specific diseases before entering a work environment.

Pulmonary function testing

Determine a candidate’s respiratory health and ability to work in specific environments and wear personal protective equipment.

DOT physicals

Maintain DOT regulatory requirements with a health examination mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA.)

Also available: Blood Tests, Vision Tests, Audiograms, Pulmonary Function Tests, TB Tests, Drug and Alcohol Testing, COVID-19 Screening, and more.

Why Include Occupational Health Screening?


Private industry workplace injuries and illnesses reported annually

Rate of annual injury cases per
100 full-time workers

Validate your candidate’s health conditions

Experience the InCheck Way

Occupational health screening is a critical component of a comprehensive pre-employment screening solution. InCheck delivers deep market knowledge and in-house compliance expertise to understand your business challenges, stay up-to-date with rapidly changing laws, and tailor an occupational health screening process to meet your specific needs. With our focus on centralized, streamlined solutions, we offer a completely customizable single-source solution to help you make informed hiring decisions.

  • Single-source, customizable solutions

  • In-house compliance expertise

  • Comprehensive, nationwide clinic network

  • Centralized candidate communication

  • PBSA accredited

  • 100% U.S.-based operations

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