Background Screening 101
Whether you are new to background screening or have an existing program in place, it is a great time to review your resources, process, and results.
Jan. 18, 2022
Why Small Businesses Need a Background Screening Solution
Consider these reasons for implementing or upgrading a background screening program with a reputable, accredited partner.
Jan. 11, 2022
Giving Thanks 2021
CEO Andy Gallion reflects on the past year - sharing his gratitude for the InCheck team, clients, partners, and more.
Nov. 23, 2021
Are High School Verifications Important to Your Background Screening?
Insights on whether or not high school verifications add value to your organization’s background screening process.
Aug. 18, 2021
Volunteer Spotlight on Kirsten Wiegman
Each month, we will spotlight an InCheck employee who volunteers their time in the community. This month spotlights Kirsten Wiegman.
Jul. 21, 2021
The Importance of a PBSA Accredited Screening Organization
Working with a professionally accredited organization for background screening offers many advantages to consumer reporting agency (CRA) clients.
Jul. 14, 2021
Salary History Ban: Update
Salary history ban legislation has grown substanially over the last two years. Here is InCheck’s ongoing list of Salary history ban updates.
Jul. 13, 2021
Background Checks on Minors – 3 Important Considerations
Screening minors before bringing them into your organization is just as important as conducting background checks on adults.
Jun. 23, 2021
Volunteer Spotlight on Rachel Morafcik
Each month, we will spotlight an InCheck employee who volunteers their time in the community. This month spotlights Rachel Morafcik.
Jun. 18, 2021
Volunteer Spotlight on InCheck’s Volunteer Committee
Each month, we will spotlight InCheck employees who volunteer their time in the community. This month spotlights InCheck’s Volunteer Committee.
May. 21, 2021
Key elements of Pre-employment Background Checks
Understanding the background check screening process can be difficult. This guide offers some of the basics of a background check.
May. 12, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Volunteer Background Checks
Conducting volunteer background checks is just as important any other type of background check. InCheck has some tips to help your organization.
Apr. 27, 2021
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