Our Team

Personnel screening on a personal level.

We’d like to introduce you to our executive team, management team, and account managers. Together, we offer decades of industry expertise and knowledge.

Are you ready for an #unrivaledexperience?

Andy Gallion

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Kiehl

Chief Innovation Officer

Rachel Theisen

Chief Operations Officer

Kirsten Corbell

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ashley Voigt

Human Resources Manager

Jen Waite

Senior Operations Manager

Mark Magsum

Occupational Health Services Manager

Dustin Dahl

Sales Executive

Brittani Moore

Senior Account Manager

David Ross

Account Manager

Lauren Kadlec

Investigations Manager

Olivia Ahlborn

Quality Assurance Manager

Julie Hanley

Verification Services Manager

Kaitlin Borsecnik

Operations Project Manager

Brittany Watson

Marketing Associate

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