Jen Waite - InCheck

Jen Waite

Compliance Officer

Jen Waite joined InCheck in 2019 as Compliance Officer. Jen comes to InCheck with over 15 years in the screening industry. She began her career in verifications, then managed a team specializing in DOT-regulated clients. During that time, Jen won over 150 awards for both quality and production.

Today, Jen works with all of InCheck’s departments, providing guidance in areas surrounding the FCRA and the legal aspects of compliance. She frequently addresses compliance questions based on industry changes, and responds to inquiries from candidates or clients, including disputes. Jen is a researcher at heart, and stays up to date on changing and new laws within the screening industry. With that knowledge, Jen leads the InCheck team to help develop policies, procedures, and new service offerings.

Jen lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, their three children, one dog, and two cats. Jen and her family love to volunteer, especially around the holidays when they “adopt” local families. Jen also loves to travel, cheer for her local sports teams, and attend car shows.

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