“Shift to gratitude for everything in your life, and you will find peace in the present moment. The more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

One of the things I love most about the holidays is the down time it provides to reflect. There are many things I am especially grateful for as I consider the events of the past year:

  • InCheck staff, managers, senior and executive leaders. We have an incredible team – an exceptional group of people who are committed to serving others and contributing selflessly to our growth story
  • The opportunity to work through challenging and uncomfortable situations in “The InCheck Way”
  • For launching our first full-year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative, the content and participation of our manager team and staff, our senior DEI leadership team, and of course our guest speakers and presenters… Julie Landry, Al Hill, and the one and only, Alonzo Kelley 😊
  • Our amazing Culture Champion Committee and all their efforts throughout the year to bring individuals and teams closer together
  • For 20 years of business, an incredible celebration, and two crazy talented business partners without whom none of this would be possible
  • For my team of direct reports who make my job so enjoyable and challenge me to be the leader they deserve
  • For InCheck being a place where we strive to operationalize kindness and goodwill
  • For our growing national footprint with both employees and clients
  • For Mark King, who continues helping our team become quietly confident professionals who can accomplish any challenge and achieve any goal
  • For a successful first ever leadership retreat, and for the collaboration and positive direction it sparked
  • For InCheck being named to the BizTimes Future 50, the Wisconsin Inno FIRE Awards, Milwaukee’s Best & Brightest to Work For, and being certified as a Great Place to Work®
  • And for our clients and partners who continue to trust us as a partner in the talent acquisition and screening process

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season and that you are all able to recharge and refresh, to create memories, and to reflect on what brings gratitude to your world.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

Andy Gallion

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