Julie Hanley - InCheck

Julie Hanley

Verification Services Manager

Julie Hanley has been with InCheck since 2019. Prior to her most recent position as InCheck’s Verification Services Manager, Julie played big roles as Verification Services Quality Assurance Lead as well as Prep Team Lead. In her current managerial role, Julie oversees the Verification Services department and provides top-quality service to clients. She is constantly monitoring and reviewing processes to ensure InCheck meets industry compliance standards while providing the most user-friendly, efficient services possible. Julie has been in the background check screening industry for ten years with prior experience as a Verification Specialist and DOT Project Coordinator.

Julie is passionate about helping her team grow within their current roles and potentially into other roles InCheck has to offer in the future. She loves coming up with solutions when issues arise, understanding that things aren’t always black and white so persistence is always the key!

Julie enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. She has one son, one daughter, and an amazing husband. She has several pets, including two cats, a dog, and a horse.