Ashley Voigt - InCheck

Ashley Voigt

Human Resources Manager

Ashley Voigt is InCheck’s Human Resources Manager. In this role, she provides support to all team members through hiring and onboarding, policy creation and enforcement, employee relations, and benefits assistance. She strives to provide the appropriate resources for an organization focused on creating unrivaled experiences.

She also leads the Learning and Talent Development Department, where she assists each department’s training program so team members can learn their roles and develop their skills. She works with every new employee to effectively onboard them and teach them background and context in the world of InCheck. She also helps managers and leads become the best leaders they can be, by creating 1:1 and group leader training programs. She is especially qualified for a role leading training, as she has held Specialist or Manager roles in most of the company’s operations departments, and truly understands the organization’s operational needs and requirements.

Ashley has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Human Resources, from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She loves spending time with family, and doing “all things puzzle-related” including word searches, Sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles.