InCheck’s culture embraces giving back to the community in many ways. Internally, we organize volunteer events and identify opportunities to give back. The InCheck team has touched many lives in the community through volunteer activities with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, The Urban Ecology Center, and most recently The Cathedral Center in downtown Milwaukee. 

This month, we will highlight InCheck’s volunteers who are a part of our InCheck Volunteer Committee, a group of employees who plan and help implement volunteer activities for the InCheck team. We asked committee members to share their answers to the questions below.

What makes this volunteer experience meaningful to the InCheck Volunteer Committee?

Volunteering with InCheck is meaningful to the InCheck Volunteer Committee members for many reasons. For one member, volunteering with InCheck gave her the confidence to volunteer more. Prior to joining the committee, she felt too shy to take the plunge and volunteer on her own. 

Committee member Kathleen Kahn stated that “volunteering with InCheck this year has been meaningful because it has allowed me to do something that I don’t do very often. It’s always great to be able to help out others”.

Other committee members find their experience to be rewarding because getting involved in the community and having the opportunity to give back, even during Covid, makes them feel like they are making a difference, even if it’s a small one.

What has been the most memorable accomplishment of committee members’ volunteer experience so far?

In 2019, InCheck raised money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters for their Bowling for KidsSake Fundraiser. This event is by far the most memorable accomplishment for many InCheck Volunteer Committee members. Committee member, Kaitlin Borsecnik enjoyed raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters through the bowling event. “It was an awesome experience and a super fun night!” 

Hayley Stiff stated, “Raising money for the organization and then spending time with co-workers at the bowling event was great. Also, the progress updates that were communicated to the departments and company about how much money we were raising made it more exciting”.

Why do InCheck Volunteer Committee members enjoy volunteering?

For the InCheck Volunteer Committee, volunteering with InCheck is a positive experience because they are able to get involved and be part of something. The events and opportunities to collaborate have helped volunteers develop stronger ties with the community as well as co-workers. Being able to interact with InCheck team members  who care about giving back in a huge bonus as well. Volunteering with InCheck is also fantastic because everyone gets to have fun and come together to make a difference.

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