3 things every small business should look for in a background screening partner

Small businesses are like the unsung heroes of the US economy. According to the US Small Business Administration, small businesses employ 61.7 million workers. That’s 46.4% of all US employees. As a small business owner, your first hires were likely people you knew: former colleagues, friends, or even family. As your business takes off, your hiring game needs to evolve. You’ll be more cautious about making bad hiring choices, legal liability, or dealing with workplace safety issues. That’s where background screening providers can step in to help and upgrade your hiring process.

What do small businesses need to know about screening candidates? Check out our infographic on background screening basics. And if this is your first time searching for a background check provider for your small business, here are some tips to help you find a screening partner. 

Tips for Finding the Best Background Check Provider for Your Small Business

Every small business needs three things from its background check service provider: a service that scales up or down to meet your hiring needs, a customized suite of services that address all your hiring scenarios, and stellar customer service to help you when needed.

Services That Scale

If you’re considering expanding your business by adding services or operating in multiple states, you’ll need a background check provider that can help you scale. A background check service provider with a narrow focus won’t meet all of your needs. Instead, seek out providers with a national footprint, with a variety of clients including businesses in your same industry, and a screening partner that understands the state and local compliance requirements where your employees work.

If your hiring scales back a year from now, will you have to pay for services or a contract you no longer need? Instead of locking into a provider that’s all about annual fees, volume, and minimum screenings, look for background service providers who can tailor their services to match the ebb and flow of your hiring strategy without minimum spend requirements or long-term contracts. 

Customizable Services

The right background check service should understand the legal requirements for your job roles so that your hiring process includes the proper screening process. Screening packages could vary based on roles and responsibilities. You may hire customer service representatives one month and set minimal screening requirements. The next hire may be a company executive or employees with special certifications and credentials. Some hires may require additional services such as drug testing or pre-employment credit checks. As a business owner, you must ensure you can verify backgrounds, check licenses and certifications, meet legal requirements, and promote a safe work environment. 

Stellar Customer Service

Small business owners wear a lot of hats – you need an expert who feels like an extension of your team. Will you get a service contact to answer your emails or pick up the phone when you call? If the background check service provider’s support team is out of the country or it’s impossible to get a live CSR on the phone when needed, it’s not the service for you.

One way to determine whether you found the right vendor is to ask for references or review their case studies to see what aspect of their service they emphasize. You can also check for industry recognition and awards like Bakers Dozen for Customer Satisfaction to see how their customers rate their experience. 

Small businesses are the driving force behind the US economy, employing millions of hardworking individuals. Small business owners need a solid hiring and screening strategy, and a great business partner who provides background screening can help keep your business grow and stay on track. 

InCheck can help. We’ve designed and built thousands of screening programs for small and medium-sized businesses. Our Small Business Screening program helps cut through the clutter and the options — and create a program that’s right for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, please reach out to schedule a call with an InCheck expert.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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