Whether you’re a cool new startup or an established enterprise, finding the right employees is crucial for your organization’s success. Your Talent team must balance an optimal candidate experience and the right level of due diligence around pre-employment screenings. 

Conducting thorough background checks is a routine step in the hiring process. However, with so many background screening services on the market, choosing which service is right for your business can take time and effort. To help save time in sifting through your options, we’ve identified three things you should consider when evaluating your screening program and searching for a background services provider. 

How often are you hiring? 

If your business has a high turnover rate or goes through seasonal hiring sprees, your team probably has to bring in many new folks all at once. While that’s great for your productivity, it can be tough on your Talent team.  As you explore your background check services solutions, we recommend you look for service providers that customize their screening services to meet your hiring needs and allow you to process background checks en masse. That way, your hiring team saves time, and you can onboard candidates like a well-oiled machine. 

What roles are you conducting background checks for? 

Before you create your shortlist of providers, review your hiring history from the last 12 months and your company’s strategy for next year. Are your roles mostly professional services? Are you hiring primarily for entry-level positions or senior level? Do any of your teams require their hires to have certifications that expire? 

While plenty of background check service providers exist, some specialize in specific roles or industries and have experience serving clients like you. For example, if you’re in the insurance industry or global financial services, you should consider vendors that can handle federal criminal background checks and monitor the Global Security Watchlist. Or if you are hiring for an enterprise like healthcare and financial services, employees may need to be re-certified or monitored. In that case, it helps to partner with a background check services provider to help you with both initial screening and ongoing sanctions monitoring. 

Are you getting the response and service you need?

The risk of a bad hire can hurt your brand reputation and bottom line. But as a Talent team, you need to find that sweet spot between thoroughness and speed, especially for those hard-to-fill positions.  We recommend you search for providers who partner with you to build a mutual action plan and have multiple levels of service escalation for your questions and any concerns. 

Additionally, the Candidate’s experience reflects your company’s brand. Is it essential for candidates to stay informed about the status of their background check? Can they contact a responsive and friendly customer service center with questions about the process? 

Choosing a background check service provider may seem daunting at first. The difference between a good fit and a great partnership lies in the customer service experience. At In Check, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled experiences for your Talent team and your candidates. We offer the right combination of high touch, friendly service, best-practice expertise, compliance insight, technology solutions, and turnaround time. We’re here to build the best process at the best price while creating a first-class experience. This starts with your very first free consultative discussion and continues during our simplified onboarding process and post-implementation day-to-day interactions. If you’re interested in exploring our services, please reach out to schedule a demo.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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