“Oh, I could do that!”
“Hmm, that seems interesting.”
“That is exactly what I do now.”
These are all thoughts brought to mind when applying for a new job. The job description feels like a good match, and after a little research on the company your resume is baited and cast out. Could this be a perfect fit?!

A new job is a mutual commitment! No matter if it is full-time, part-time, or temporary. As a candidate, you choose to commit your time in a new environment. Every step that comes next in the application process is important in making that decision.

What is the Candidate Experience (and Why Does it Matter)?

A company’s candidate experience is typically a direct reflection of the value they place on their employees. If the recipe for employee success involves collaboration, transparency, and communication, you should experience this during the hiring and onboarding process, too. Candidates and companies are equally in the hot seat, deciding collaboratively on a new relationship for professional growth and employee contribution.

Let’s visualize a candidate experience as if you are visiting a new restaurant. You are seated at a window table, and the waiter hands you a menu. Core values and team member training are the appetizer, flexible work environments, and full benefits are your entree, and a positive employment brand – with the opportunity for growth – is the dessert. You discuss the menu options with the family or friends seated next to you. Your waiter checks in, and you ask questions. “My palette is interested in new flavors after three years of customer service. What do you recommend?” Is your waiter familiar with the menu and specials? Is your food cold when it arrives?

Ok, I will save you further food related analogies as we discuss candidate experience, but I hope the point comes across clearly! Will you return to this restaurant? Or refer it to friends? All of this depends on a positive experience. Engagement starts when you first read about the restaurant and think, “I want to try that!”.

At InCheck, we seek out candidates who genuinely want to be a part of our team. That’s why we offer a fully transparent hiring and onboarding experience, with job shadows and meetings with our managers or current team members. If you’re eager and interested in what we do, we will engage in understanding your goals and dreams, and build a mutual understanding from the start. Our core values shine in all communications because we want our candidates to fully understand the commitment and scope. We strive to create a positive hiring experience, and encourage you to ask probing questions along the way – understanding that we will do the same!!

A new job is a two way street. It is a relationship between a company and a new employee.

Does your candidate experience match your employee experience? What could be improved to better align your organization’s recruiting and onboarding process with your internal and external brand? 

Contact InCheck today to learn more about our services and how we can help.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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