As discussed in a previous blog, the candidate experience is oftentimes the precursor for the employee experience to follow.

In the words of InCheck’s Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Andy Gallion, “The employer wants to get candidates through the process as quickly as possible. The goal is to hire the best person for the job at hand.” To ensure this step is smooth and in line with best practices, candidates may need guidance on how to complete their background check.

Details matter as a candidate begins the background check screening process with a future employer. Here are InCheck’s 5 best background check tips for candidates to help make the process stress-free.

1. Make sure your personal information is accurate and thorough! This includes the correct spelling of your name, providing all other names used (also referred to as “alias” names), your birth date, social security number, and any other pertinent personal information that ensures your background check results are free of inaccuracies.
Pro-Tip: Provide your full middle name as it can speed up your background check; especially if you have a common first and last name.

2. Include all information for your educational and professional history.
Providing the location of companies you’ve worked for and the schools you’ve attended, as well as dates and your name while enrolled or working, helps to provide more accurate results during the verification process.
Pro-Tip: If you were employed through a staffing agency, provide the name and location of the agency.

3. Understand the company’s background check requirements and disclose your background accordingly. When asked about details, it’s best to provide all pertinent information that may show up on your background screening report in accordance with applicable laws. Honesty truly is the best policy. For example, if you know a clean driving record is required, don’t wait for a potential employer to find evidence of an incident!
Please note:  There are certain laws, such as Ban-the-Box laws, that may restrict the information an employer may ask a candidate.

4. Triple check that all of the information you’ve provided on your resume is factual. Inaccuracies on your resume may impact the turnaround time of your background check results. Discrepancies that extend turnaround time range from inaccurate dates of employment to any differences on degree name or title details.

5. Before providing employment references, make sure the individual is able to provide a positive reference for you and that the individual can speak to your skills and abilities related to the role itself. A former colleague or boss would be a strong reference vs. a friend or family. It also helps to give your reference advance notice so they anticipate contact and respond promptly.

Refer to these easy tips when maneuvering the background check process, whether you are preparing a candidate or are a candidate yourself. And, remember the key to a stress-free background check screening process is transparency!

Please visit our candidate help center for additional information!

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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