Baseball friendship translates to business success

Vintage Tosa East Baseball Team Photo

InCheck’s founders were spotlighted in a FOX6 ‘Beyond The Game’ series this week!
They went back to the baseball field where they met playing Little League. The sports connection was just the start of a strong partnership! 

Three teammates build two successful businesses over twenty years

"We’ve always put the business first," said Gallion. "We’ve always trusted each other to make the right call as we’ve had to navigate the direction of two companies over almost 20 years. So, the trust has definitely kept us together and helped us make better decisions along the way."

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Kirsten Corbell
Director of Marketing

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Partners Adam Kiehl, Andy Gallion, and Mazio Barian
Partners Adam Kiehl, Andy Gallion, and Mazio Barian

Almost 20 years later, partners Andy Gallion, Adam Kiehl, and Mazio Barian still enjoy a friendship both in the boardroom and on the golf course.