Technology and Integrations

Online screening platform

InCheck’s simple, powerful and user-friendly platform has everything you need from a background screening provider. Our process is simple, and our platform is easy to use for both your team and your candidates. Whether it’s an ATS-integrated ordering process, or our QuickApp paperless background check consent forms, reducing the number of application forms saves you time and improves your candidate experience and employment brand. And when it comes to reporting, everything is stored online for easy review, storage, and access.

ATS Integrations

Our background screening technology platform integrates with most well-known applicant tracking systems (ATS). Systems such as UltiPro, iCIMS, and Workday, to name a few. 

Like everything we do, ATS integrations are completely customized to your needs. The key is to build an integration that matches your workflow. Some are “pre-built” integrations, whereas others require additional resources from either the ATS, the employer, or a third-party integration partner. In any instance, InCheck and our technology partner will provide project and technical support along the way.

Learn more about how your ATS can be used to leverage a single sign-on ordering process. Contact us today and one of our senior account managers will assist. 

Powered by Taz Cloud, our screening platform integrates with dozens of ATS programs such as:

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