Reference Checks

Confirm candidate skills through references

Beyond verification services, reference checking services provide additional insight to candidate's past performance. InCheck can deliver employers and organizations a personalized and custom approach to understanding candidate qualifications.

Pre-employment reference check

What’s included in a reference check?

  • Personalized email or phone call outreach
  • Customized list of questions
  • Multiple attempts for response

Professional, supervisor and peer references

We’ll use your existing reference format, or you can pick from one of our existing templates. Reference templates can be customized based on position type. InCheck will then interview past managers about your applicant’s performance. We qualify each person we’re talking to, and provide a word-for-word reference response filled with the detail you are seeking.

Past performance is a key indicator of future behavior

Expedite the hiring process

InCheck can help with consistent and compliant reference check services.

We pride ourselves on creating unrivaled experiences. Our team members are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Every day, we go above and beyond for our clients, their candidates, and each other!

Rachel Theisen, Chief Operations Officer