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With almost 20 years as a global background check provider for clients, we understand the unique requirements of different industries, diverse candidate profiles, and related compliance objectives.

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In the world of background check services, there are several big-box providers and countless small operations. With InCheck, a premier mid-tier screening company, you'll experience both industry expertise and hands-on, personal support. Our resources and solutions compete with the biggest industry giants, but our flexibility and customization, response times, and personalized service are what make the difference.

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What is included in a basic background check?

  • A custom combination of local and national criminal background screening, based on role and location
  • A person search to verify social security, alias names, and addresses
  • Verifications - including employment and education

What is included in a "Level 2" background check?

Additional "Level 2" background screening may include drug testing, health screening, motor vehicle records, and reference checks.


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What sets InCheck apart? Great customer service. And the willingness to go the extra mile.