Olivia Ahlborn - InCheck

Olivia Ahlborn

Quality Assurance Manager

Olivia joined InCheck in 2017 as an Investigations Specialist. She soon progressed to the role of Investigations Analyst and then became the Investigations Quality Assurance Lead. Olivia now holds the position of Investigations Quality Assurance (QA) Manager.

Olivia oversees the workflow in the QA department, ensuring her team has the proper training and providing the resources for them to perform effectively and efficiently. The QA department is responsible for searching for reportable records per client protocol and accurately entering records. They conduct additional research for clarity and accuracy on reports, including calling court clerks or law enforcement agencies, or ordering court documents to obtain additional information as needed. As the last “check and balance” within the process, Olivia strives to deliver consistency and quality at every step.

Olivia is passionate about working to the best of her ability, and building strong relationships with the InCheck team. Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She loves animals and enjoys hiking with her dogs.