Kaitlin Borsecnik - InCheck

Kaitlin Borsecnik

Verification Services Manager

Kaitlin has been with InCheck since 2014, and is currently the Operations Project Manager. Prior to her most recent position, Kaitlin held a variety of roles at InCheck including QA Assistant, Order Processing Specialist, Verification Services Lead, and Verification Services Manager.

Today, Kaitlin’s primary function is to organize, oversee, and drive projects forward. Utilizing her in-depth knowledge of the business and technology available, she helps to align the day-to-day work with InCheck’s big picture goals and mission. She is constantly monitoring and reviewing processes to ensure InCheck meets industry compliance standards while providing the most user-friendly and efficient services possible.

With efficiency and turnaround-time always top of mind, Kaitlin implemented a new department training system to provide consistent and thorough training to all new employees. She also assisted in creating and implementing new departmental workflows, resulting in increased productivity while retaining the team’s high-quality standards.

Kaitlin is passionate about continuous learning and improvement and seeks out opportunities for personal and professional development. She is an avid reader and cook, has trained in various martial arts and dance styles, and is active in the Milwaukee Swing Dance community. Kaitlin has two wonderful cats named Guen and Freyja.