Dustin Dahl - InCheck

Dustin Dahl

Sales Executive

Dustin Dahl joined InCheck in 2020 as Sales Executive. Dustin has been in the screening industry since 1998, holding roles as Director of Public Records for a CRA firm in California and as a Sales Executive for a large wholesale provider to CRA’s.

As Sales Executive, Dustin advises prospects and clients on screening best practices and solutions that fit their respective industry, company size, and hiring process. He provides new ideas on strategies and process improvements and is always looking for ways to improve the client and candidate experience.

When Dustin isn’t busy meeting new people through InCheck, he loves all types of sports and attending sporting events. Dustin enjoys collecting and selling sports cards with his son. You can also find him either playing a round of golf with his oldest daughter or being an “Uber Driver” for his youngest daughter – bringing her to dance practices 5 days per week.