Continuous Monitoring

Protect the people you serve

One-time screening won't address ongoing criminal activity, whereas background monitoring programs can quickly flag concerns. Especially in safety-critical and caregiver roles, we recommend an ongoing program to monitor adverse activities.

Criminal monitoring services

What types of monitoring solutions are available?

  • Criminal monitoring - state and national
  • Social media monitoring
  • Driver monitoring
  • Monitoring of licensure for healthcare and other industry licenses
  • Random drug testing programs, including on-site options

We can work with you to understand which offenses should be reported, and the timing of reporting. Peace of mind comes with being proactive, by monitoring each and every day for updates to criminal records, driving records, sexual assault, or even civil claims.

Continuous background monitoring

Have the peace of mind knowing you are doing everything possible to create a safe environment.

License monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring solutions for schools and volunteers

Large, automated, database-only systems don't provide a thorough, safe approach to screening and ongoing monitoring. At InCheck, we apply quality assurance and staff review for all alerts and escalations, ensuring three-point identity verifications and accurate follow-through on all alerts.

In addition to monitoring, explore our complete volunteer screening packages to ensure consistency and efficiency.

  • Online volunteer data collection automates workflow and eliminates paperwork
  • Centralized document storage and a convenient online portal simplifies tracking