A personalized approach to building a powerful enterprise screening program.

A tailored approach to your screening process

Your organization is unique and we believe your pre-employment screening program should be, too. No matter your organization’s size, we scale our background check solutions through a customized and consultative onboarding approach.

Getting started is easy!

employment screening services


  • Right from the start, we assign a sales consultant to guide you through the process.
  • We discuss your goals and define the requirements of the project.
  • We review packages, protocols, compliance, training, invoicing, reporting, report completion, unique settings and user agreements.

Scope Creation and Planning

  • We build an ideal project schedule and timeline, to work with your needs and
    pre-scheduling calls to maintain momentum.
  • We review mutual communication expectations, as well as candidate communication protocols.
  • InCheck’s Compliance Team performs an initial assessment

Develop Specifications and Define Service Requirements

  • Protocols are defined and documented in our system for all services.
  • The complete workflow is reviewed and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Packages and pricing are finalized.

Launch and Execution

  • Training sessions are scheduled (as many as needed).
  • Questions are documented, reviewed and resolved.
  • Customized software features are completed.
  • Go-live date is confirmed, and you are ready to go!

Let's get started today!

Our experienced, friendly, and professional implementation team is ready to work with you.

InCheck worked with us to understand the pain points with our prior provider. They recommended a process and skill-based packages that worked best for our requirements.

Talent Acquisition Director and Program Lead, Regional Hospital System